"Fran is five star: I can't say enough good things about my experience.  Fran handled the entire cruise arrangement from beginning to end with absolutely no problems for me to worry about. For the past three cruises, she managed EVERYTHING in a very professional and extremely friendly manner. I have told so many about F.S.T.and am so grateful I have them to make my vacations so pleasurable. We will never choose another agency or even consider any other way of arranging a vacation. Thank you FIVE STAR TRAVEL."   -  Mary

"Dear Fran, Thank you for all you've done to make this trip occur.  You made my mind at ease and I really appreciate all the "special" effort you've made. God Bless You Always, Sincerely,"   Joanne

"Hi Fran: Thank you so much for all you did for our Alaskan vacation....... Our cruise was great!    


"Thank you again, so much for all the work you did...... answering all my questions, etc.  Just like the Caribbean cruise we all went on together over ten years ago, you did great!!!


We will definitely be booking another vacation with you soon.

Take care, "        Peggy and Tom


"Fran- thank you  - the cruise was fantastic - we had the best possible weather and we LOVED the penthouse - I am now completely spoiled for any future trips. Thanks again."      Kathy 


"Ahoy!  I sincerely wish I had more eloquence and way more than 500 words to describe my favorite travel agent in all the world.  Francine Mastrucci would be a perfect godmother to your new “Liberty of the Seas” because her heart is as big as the ocean, her sensitive, efficient professionalism spans the globe, and her “clients” are always given the sweet “liberty” of choosing from the very best packages - - wherin their “dreams” can truly “unfold” (her motto!)…did I say “clients”?  Over the past 8 years, Fran’s devotion to quality service, her endless patience, tremendous work ethic, knowledgeable advice, and detailed attention to personal tastes and finances make us all seem more like “friends” - - or family, or gosh, even royalty! 

She’s really good…and I offer this heartfelt example as proof.  It concerns Francine’s extraordinary follow-thru -- heroic, really -- during a cruise attempt last summer for my mother’s 91st birthday.  Fran cheerfully dealt with the myriad details to get us onto a Royal Caribbean ship twixt Philly and Halifax -- encouraging us with all the beauty, fun and togetherness possible within the generous parameters of your itinerary and wheelchair accessible accommodations: she got a spark back into my mom’s eyes and heart; she’s got a gift for exciting people about your cruises. 

Imagine my chagrin…terror, in fact, when my mother suffered a heart-attack en route.  I didn’t know where to turn; we were both devastated, as my mom had so loved the 1st cruise of her life, which Fran had wonderfully arranged five months earlier.  Well, Fran Mastrucci to the rescue! 

She worked above and beyond the call of duty over a span of 18 hours to make certain my mother and I got home, and the necessary medical care (pacemaker insertion).  We later co-wrote a thank you crediting Fran’s expertise with saving my mother’s life:  Whew! 

Oer the next few months, Francine continued to check on us, sending cheery notes and cards and ideas for a follow-up cruise.  Her positivity and gentle “can do”  attitude were a joy to us; her enthusiasm for Royal Caribbean cruising was so sincere that it really made us want to “get back out there”.  

So, with our doctor’s encouragement, we booked another cruise.  Alas, it was not to be.  My mom passed away unexpectedly…and Fran sorrowfully cancelled our cruise, but not our relationship, infusing her condolence cards with her usual warmth, energy, and “joie-de-vivre”, she was able to fuse an exacting work ethic and attention to detail with great compassion and optimism…what a “gem!” 

And, I’m sure my mother smiles from Heaven to add -- as she often did --“what a marvelous lady that Fran is!” for successfully imparting happiness and family values to the world of cruising, making travelers of all ages want to “cruise the world”.  She’s becoming legendary, treating each one of us as though there were only one of us --  like a godmother: wouldn’t Fran be a great one for your ship, too?  Anchors aweigh!"       Sheryl